Sunday, April 24, 2005

thunder and lightening - very exciting?

Had the most amazing storm last night. Had to be pretty impressive to wake me up from my deep slumber.
Woke to the sound of thunder, and then the amazing pelting of HUGE hailstones. Set the car alarm off, and honestly sounded like the roof was going to cave in, and the lightening was going to come crashing through the window. The thunder was truly rolling.... and rolling...... it was very impressive!
Never before have I been curled up in bed with a storm like that, wishing that there was someone there with me. Things like that don't normally scare me, or bother me.... last night.... I would have been grateful to have shared that with someone else. hehehe Maybe I was just too tired. Sounds like a good excuse. Wasn't thinking clearly.....

Had more hail today.
Went and saw a movie, and in the middle of it you could hear the hail pelting down. Got back outside to find a thin layer of ice on the car. What happened to autumn? All the leaves have been torn off of the trees.... the colours all awash in puddles along the road.
So - plans of heading to the beach today were sidelined, funnily enough. I've had the fire going since I got home from church. It's been a nice quiet day. Did some reading for my next assignment - though not enough. made some more pumpkin soup, but didn't get around to making the mighty muffins. Tomorrow, maybe?

Benny was supposed to be staying tonight - but plans changed again. Funny - I'm not normally one to organise things, more into just doing things on impulse, but had actually planned things this weekend, and every single one has fallen through! It's quite classic!
So.... going back to my old ways. Much easier!

So, he may be here tomorrow... but hardly counting on it. I may head into work, and start clearing out my office.... not quite sure how I'm going to get everything done in the next 4 days. Not like I've got tons of orders to get done - but enough to keep my busy. One quote that's just waiting for my attention. Think Tuesday afternoon may be a NO PHONE one! :)


Right.... time to crawl into bed.

Adios world

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