Monday, April 18, 2005

newness.... and wonders

It's a rather breezy evening... made it home from work and went for a walk. Awesome to be outside and able to enjoy those autumn colours. Just love this time of year.

My neck is still amazingly sore - all things considered. Physio is away for the week... so will see how it is when I see her next week. Yay for having next Monday off!! :)

Got a letter from head office today - marked private and confidential. Everyone was very interested to see what it was. Jeremy wondered if perhaps they had got around to doing a contract for me at long last..... no such luck, but almost as bizzare!

I sent an email a while back saying I would be interested in going to a positive management worshop which is happening next week if no managers were interested down here. Well... guess none of them were, cause I'm going next Wednesday. The crazy part, I only have 2 weeks left with the company.
I feel kinda guilty about going to something like this, when I'm not going to be with the company for any length of time to use any of what I learn. Jeremy told me not to be stupid and go.... we'll see. He may actually want to go in the end.

The new job... which still isn't quite official, as I never heard back from the new boss regarding my contract which had a few things in it I wanted clarified today. Wonder.
Will give him a call tomorrow if I don't hear anything.
But.... I'm supposed to start on May 2nd, and I'm guessing will be in Wellington for a couple of days to get sorted out. Not sure about much, really. Excited though at the change!

John has been funny about it all. Super supportive, and encouraging, and at the same time... beginning to realise that he's going to be stuffed. He can't think of anyone to replace me... and in all honesty, neither can I. There is one girl at work - but I fear she and John would drive eachother NUTS within minutes.
Then of course there is the whole..... I don't want to give it up to someone that won't look after everyone. Scary stuff.

We'll see. At least I will be in to see John every month, which is cool. He'll be my number one customer! :)

Righty ho.... need to go and make some posters to find that perfect flatmate. Anyone wanna move here??? Gorgeous house... cool people.... perfect neighbourhood.... great coffee within blocks.... perfect Indian..... who could ask for more?


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