Thursday, August 25, 2005


5 weeks later, and I finally have my computer back, up and running!!! I actually got it back on Monday - alas.... plugged it in, and got all excited, only to discover that it wouldn't work. hahaha... the madness. How do these things happen to me - I ask you!
I was up in Wellington on Tuesday.... which was another crazy day too.... they had overbooked my flight, and tried to tell me that I was going to have to buy another plane ticket. Tried very hard to get my head around that one. Insanity! :)
Anyway.... on Wednesday I called the computer place to see what was going on, only to be told that it hadn't even been looked at yet. ARHG! I was beginning to loose my patience... what little I have!
From there on, I was calling every 3 hours to check in. Classic really. Picked it up this morning.... only to discover there was one more bug to be sorted... so in I went again. This time I got to hang around to watch as they fixed it.

Anyway... here I sit.... keyboard in hand, and feeling much better... knowing I can once again communicate with the wild and wacky world!

Not only that.... but I've just downloaded all the pics that I've taken on my new camera! Watch out world!!!

So.... for your viewing pleasure..

Smile guys.

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TaB said...

Boy, you lasted a long time without a computer. Do you find even the simple things these days require access to the web or a computer, that’s terrifying. I never use to have one till late 03 early 04, what was my life like unplugged? Its getting harder to remember. Grrrrr