Sunday, July 10, 2005

into the sunset.....

So, I should be packed by now, with everything totally organised for the next week. Unfortunatly that's not the case right now.
I didn't sleep much last night, and have had a sore back all afternoon. Can't quite figure out what's up with that. Anyway... it's become totally obvious how tired I am, and how it so totally effects the way I think in a rational way.(as rare as it may be). My state of mind or being is not a fun place to reside at this present moment.
Everything gets blown way out of preportion, for no reason, other than... it just can.

Fun, huh!

On that note - I've decided to give up on the work, and hey, even though it's only 7pm. I'm going to crawl into bed. Maybe read for abit, and then SLEEP. :)

I refuse to take this crazy attitude away with me this week. Hope everyone has a gorgeous week!

goodnight world.... goodbye silliness.

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