Tuesday, October 04, 2005

sunbeams with scattered rainbows

Just home... another load of laundry done, and the work is slowly being done.

I tried super hard to be all productive like last night.... watching some doco on penguins, while flicking through price lists, and putting together client details. It was all going quite well.... when I got a phone call on my cell.

"hello... is this christina?"
"yes... this is christina."
"christy, this is emily."
"emily... what are you doing? where are you? what are you doing?"
"actually... sam and i need a bed tonight.... can we come?"

Sooooooo..... an hour later, my cousin emily and her boyfriend sam rocked on up.

YAY! Hadn't seen them since christmas time - where sam really was initiated into the family scene. :) Of course, there ended any hope of me getting a serious amount of work done. haha.

Got to hear about their travels, and the crazy snow in Alexandra where they've been shearing. Sounded like a great time, really! :)

This morning.... we tried to get up early... at least, I did stumble out of bed before 8 - which isn't the easiest thing for me now with this silly daylight savings. hehehe. Actually, Sam and I are both of the opinion that it really is silly, and messed with us way too much to make it worth while. who needs more daylight hours anyway? GET UP EARLIER if you want more daylight!! ;)
Go play tennis before work.... do your gradening in the dark so that everything gets more creative......

Doesn't that all sound like a far better plan.....

We went and had breakfast on the hill. It was a beautiful morning... though the alps still seemed to be covered in cloud.... Emily has a dinky little telescope that she uses when she's out doing the lambing... and just happened to have with her while we were up there. cute stuff.
they're thinking of buying some land, which would be awesome.... little 10acre section, with the possible option of being able to lease the farm next door.... so I guess this is the beginning of the next generation of farmers in the family. I think Emily is probably the only serious one in that family - though I don't know what James will do. And I'm the only one in our family. Though our farm is nothing in comparison to that one. sheeps and lambs galour... along with the awesome caves. and it looks like the cafe thing is going to happen, which is very cool!
Mayeb we need to do the backpacker thing out there instead?
Although I think that was a thought at some stage, and it caused major chaos with the council when they went for planning consent.

Still waiting on the cafe consent to all be approved now... 14 weeks to go. haha

Righty ho... work waits.... the day doesn't.

"because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings." Psalm 63:7


David said...

so you have a sort of bed and breakfast? I like the idea of a blog and breakfast system where we writers travel and visit and write froom the far corners of the world.
You do sheep??? In NZ??? wow
I want to learn to shear,is it like giving my boys hair cuts with the clippers?

Jayleigh said...

I started reading your archives yesterday and I hope to have time for some more tonight. You rock, my New Zealander sister!

How exciting are new blog friends?


pqgnqqoq (sounds like clearing your throat when you have a cold!)