Sunday, May 01, 2005

big day

Fly up to Wellington tomorrow.... after a super busy weekend. I've been running around trying to get silly things done before starting the new job. And of course, as I sit here I remember things I didn't get done.
They can wait.

Did get to have a good ol'catch up with Jacx on Saturday morning. We headed out for breakfast. Saturday is normally up on the hill with flatmate Jackie - but she had a wedding to go to, and Jacx and I had been trying to catch up for ages now. Very relaxing morning... headed for the book store after good coffee, and then went to check out the art centre. Hadn't wandered around there in ages, and there are always cool things to check out at the different stands. Was a gorgeous sunny day, and just one that made indulging a slowness and mellow mode easy. :)

Got hom to a pile of laundry and a room that just wasn't terribly inviting. I don't like to begin something knowing that I'm leaving a mess to bug me, so had to fix that today. actually... I went shopping yesterday afternoon. Not sure what came over me. I wanted to find some material to do some sweing, but didn't even make it into the right shop. Got slightly side travked with coats.... winter and all I needed to look. Actually.... walked out with more than a coat - but all needed for the new job. REALLY!
For someone who doesn't enjoy shopping, I did pretty well.

Fly out just after 10 in the morning... mostly packed and ready for anything.... it's been zanny figuring out what to wear - for me, who normally just doesn't give these things a whole lot of thought - I just like being comfortable.
Not good enough according to the beloved friends.
Then there is the whole catching up with Shane thing. YAY! Finally. Of course - I'm the one who has to go up there. Typical.
In many ways the guy reminds me of benny. Can that be good? hahaha

shall report on the madness when I return on Tuesday.... after I go and pick up the new car, and swing by to see John - who is dying to know what I'll be touring around the country in. HAHAHA
That, and he can't wait to talk to me about all the jobs he needs to finish for me! :)
Mad man... is going to go more crazy.


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