Monday, May 30, 2005

star light.... star bright

so the first star I see tonight.......

Do I believe in wishes coming true? wishing on stars.....

Need to go and pack for my flight to Wellington tomorrow - early no less. :) Figure I'll just drive to the airport myself and leave the car there. Easier than sorting out rides. (In my head, anyway!)

But oh, what to take? hehehe. Actually - it's more a matter of getting all my work together to take up there, which will weigh way more than my clothes. Sad, really.
Jackie is taking off to Vietnam this weekend, and is super excited about it all. Excellent stuff! She's gone for two weeks, and is so looking forward to the adventures. Sounds like she's pretty much got it all planned.
I need to go and sniff around perfumes to see which one to get duty free. YAY! Haven't splurged on something like that in so long. Ains cracks me up with her fancyfree ways.... I told her she would have to teach me in the ways of "makeup" one of these days... when I feel the need to be all serious about the fact that I may have wrinkles, and what I should actually be doing about them?! She's a real girl - and I can but try.
Though.... I like the lines in old people... I figure as long as I laugh enough, they will be the right kind of wrinkles... in all the right places. :)

Anyway.... I'm in awe of the two flatmates..... and how we seem to blend so well, when we are all so different. They were beautiful yesterday... and I do feel blessed knowing that I have that support. We all ran off to see Bride and Prejudice, and left the movie theatre in fits of laughter - while trying to figure out all the gorgeous moves. Inspired me to head over there soon though! The colours, and sounds, and beauty - while still being a poor country. It's like an oxymoron.
But then there are so many countries like that. So many places to visit and experience! ahhhhhh.... enough dreaming.
For now, wellington will have to do. hahaha
Would love to find time to run to Te Papa to see the art exhibition. That's the one thing that is actually motivating me to still go up there. Insane, really. We shall see! :)

Right - packing.


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