Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Back from wellington, and just feeling wowed.

What have I gotten myself into?

I arrived in Wellington mid Morning and was picked up by one of the office girls - who was sweet. It was a quiet trip to the office though, which did little for my nerves.
No problem... I enjoyed the scenery - always one to take in everything I can. I just loved driving around the hills..... it's quite beautiful.

Once at the office, I finally got to meet Sonia who I've spent a great deal of time hassling over the phone in my old job. She's always been a huge help, so it was nice to finally meet her. My boss was there in one of the offices, so expected him to do the training with me, but it ended up being done by the office manager - which was fine and dandy. Of course, it then all comes out. My boss has just handed in his resignation, and it's all over that day! He pulled me aside later that morning to assure me that it had nothing to do with the company, and was all due to personal issues back in Australia. He was still very excited about where the company was going, and was convinced that I would do a fantastic job. So, after all my talking with him about how I was more interested in having a job where I was going to be given alot of support, and training - my support walks out the door that afternoon!
I'm still gutted! and blown away!

I don't think anyone has been hired to take on the Auckland region yet, and now they need someone to take over his job too. Crazy stuff.
How do I end up in these situations. Again, the idea that I need more character springs to mind. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE???

I want to be a 3 year old who doesn't know well enough to not just throw a temper tantrum when things seem so totally incomprehensable.

I know it's not that bad - and at the same time I just laugh. I will be ok, and I will figure it all out. I just thought this was going to be slightly smoother sailing?! :) hahaha

Meanwhile - things to get used to - I realise how much free reign I honestly had at the old job. Totally..... and it's going to take some getting used - reporting back in a more formal setting, instead of just yelling down the hallway as John walks past, as to what is going on. I'm going to miss that, as it really is more my scene - but I understand the importance of this too, and the fact that I'll just be learning the organised way - which is all good!

So... all that aside....
I've got a COOL NEW CAR! :)

Yeah - that's what it comes down to now. Poor Miss Molly is going to feel a little neglected for a while. This one certainly lacks her character, but it will be sweet to drive around the country side!

From next week I'm all over the place. It's going to be a very full on weekend. Head south, and don't get back until the middle of the next week. Have two full days here, and then the following Monday - head North. Going to see if I can spend that weekend in Hanmer with Greg on the way back?! The middle weekend in Queenstown with Benny?
YAY.... to see all the South Island. Now, all I need is a camera to capture the moments. Rach wants me to document all the public toilets and create a super comprehensive map for them all. Reminds me - must get good map of south island tomorrow. YAY!

Had dinner with Shane on Monday night too.... added bonus of being up there. Was awesome to catch up with him! :) Just very easy conversation, and good company. Don't think the wine did any talking either.

Right....... sleep..... sleep.... sleep....sleep

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