Saturday, May 28, 2005

home again, with head exploding....

It always takes a while for me to get my head around being back home. It's always with such relief that I lay my head on my own pillow, that I snuggle down beneath the sheets that cover the plush wool underlay that I sink into to sleep a deep sleep......
Nowhere will beat my room, with my comforts which may to some be simple.

This trip did err on the side of social. Had the most stunning drive up the coast to Kaikoura, onto Blenheim which was all lovely. Even got to sink into a spa bath on the first night - which was lovely. Onto Nelson the following day. They were all rather full days, with driving through little towns which proved less than useful, but still rather nice to stumble across.

Stayed with some friends in Nelson that I hadn't seen since Tamati's wedding. Was great to catch up with Jill. John was asking me all the hard questions - my 5 year plan, and how I'm going to get there. While Jill is just super encouraging. Had a great time there. The next night Mike flew down, and so we stayed out there... but didn't spend as much time with them. Even got to see Jill's father who I haven't seen in YONKS! Thursday and Friday were spent again checking out the smaller places to see if there was anything out there. By Thursday night I was totally zonked. We made it to Maruia Springs where the hot springs were the perfect end to the day of galavanting around the country side.
made it back yesterday to watch Star Wars. Even managed to stay awake through the whole thing - though my eyes did get very heavy at one stage. I think I actually found it funnier than I should have. hehehe. Still, can see how it all ties in nicely with the next one now. Still don't think George Lucas should ever be allowed to try and do a love scene. Just not a good combination!

So.... Mike survived the driving around, and we didn't kill eachother. Was awesome to catch up with him and just be. I guess thats one of the things I appreciate most about him - is the fact that I don't need to be anyone else. While I still struggle to let go of everything, and somehow the fear of getting hurt (while I don't even know how I could get hurt) does throw me over the edge of reason, he's the one I most want to talk to about things. The one who won't be afriad of asking me the bigger questions, making me think about it from all angles. Paranio seems to be my friend, which is not typical, and not a nice thing to suddenly realise you are experiencing. Julie just laughs at me and my insane ways. But can I expect people to be patient and put up with it all?

Off to catch up with jacx shortly. Pumpkin soup has been made, and will be nice to see her. Turns out she had a dream about me last night - which tied in with everything I told her today. Bummer she had no answers for me though.
Catching up with Erin later today, and then tonight Tim and Euganie are coming round for dinner and a game of something? Will be great to catch up with them both. Feel like I hardly see them these days.

Next week is more madness..... Wellington for a couple of days - and was supposed to be flying up for Queensbirthday, but thinking it makes more sense to leave that one till later on. Eevryone I could catch up with is busy doing other things, and while a weekend away is never a bad thing, in my current state of mind, being given the space to spend all that time on my own thinking - can't be good!

Oh - officially an aunty today too..... Tawhi was born around 5 this morning. YAY! So, in theory, I should really be flying north to see them instead! Tamati is super excited, and says he's just BEAUTIFUL! :)

Really need to get a camera now, so I can get snap happy!


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