Monday, May 16, 2005

back in the land

Where to even start on this one?

Last week was a HUGE week..... driving around the South. What awesome country side, and what a perfect time of year for me to get to see it all. The colours just blew me away..... you could see exactly what Graeme Sydney saw when he was painting some of his gorgeous scenes. Inspired all sorts of thoughts and feelings. I wished that I had brought along a camera. Can't wait to get snap happy again soon! :)
I actually had a quick look at a few cameras today. I'm so torn between the super trusty slr and getting a digital - which yes, could be an slr, but just doesn't feel right. (or sound right for that matter! lol) I still like playing around with film, but maybe it's just me being set in my ways. I mean, I can play around with developing - but way more difficult, and time consuming, and money draining to have to set up a dark room, when there are so many different programmes out there for the computer. Tough one.

So.. it was another week of battling the huge learning curve that will one day become comfortable. Might even have a clue about what I'm supposed to be doing?! One can hope.
I spent the first 2 days with my current boss, which at first freaked me out, turned out to be fantastic! Certainly gave me a boost, and helped me to find my feet. I've felt as though all my confidence fled when I started the job... and it's been pretty awful. I can't begin to explain it all, when I can't quite get my head around it myself. The weekend before I went was full of craziness, and just left me feeling exhausted, and worn out - to then take off and be on my own was a little more than I wanted to deal with at the time, but through everything you learn and grow.
When I talked to benny on Wednesday, he asked how I was coping with being on my own, and I had to confess to him that I had created an imaginary friend - "Zippy" who had been doing a good job of keeping me company - though he's a little more quiet than I would perhaps have wanted in a friend. :) Needless to say, I was relieved when ben declared he was coming up to Christchurch on Friday, and so, he droped off his car at Judy's in Geraldine and we drove up late on Friday. Was nice to have some company for just those couple of hours. Good chance to really catch up with someone... and it would seem alot is going on for him these days.
Had a hillarious night in Queenstown on Thursday night with him and Margo. Cooked up some pasta, after grabing some dvds. Took us ages to pick out something - and that was without Margo. All we knew was that the one movie we both wanted to see, she refused to watch. lol Ended up getting out a Kiwi flick and a brit one. Kiwi was quite sad - not what I expected at all.... but the other one.... we just rolled around in laughter. Was super crazy and funny... and I obviously in the mood for insane. Nothing like a night of madness to get you out of the slumps.

The weekend was one of solitude.... or a "deep funk" as someone once called it. I did get to catch up with miss julie, and that was hillarious. We are so alike. Probably a good thing that we're on the other side of the world from eachother.... we would get into way too much mischief. I do miss her though. She's supposed to be catching up with us in Canada for Christmas or New Years? Will be fantastic to see her again. Did find an amazingly cheap flight from LA to NZ, alas... I don't know anyone who can drop everything for a holiday.

Meanwhile... Nig is all go for Christmas too. Will be sooooo good to see him! Haven't heard much from him lately. Not sure when his parents are heading over there... next couple of months. He's only got a couple of months left at school - and then I think he may head down to South America for a while? Hard to keep track of that one. Was trying to figure out how to catch up with Bex over there too. Could turn into quite the catch up session.... wohooooo! :) It is pretty great having friends all over the world - but even better to catch up with them all!

Wow.... I'm just in babble mode. absolute randomness.... I must be tired.

better end it there, before I get carried away.

Thinking about running away to Hanmer for Friday night. Would be good to catch up with Greg, and get away from the city. hehe. Jacx is worried that I'm avoiding the world, and people... I'm not sure that I'm avoiding people.... just keeping to myself more. while I try and process the things that are getting dredged up right now. Funny the way we grow up.

into the night.....

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