Friday, May 06, 2005


First week done.... huge sigh of relief.

For some reason my brain is somewhat detached from reality. I figured that since everyone loved me in my last job, and everyone wanted to talk to me there - I would just be transfering my loveliness to the new job, and of course meeting awhole lot of new people, who would instantly go WOW, of course we want to talk to you.
So - my head is much smaller, and my ego took a dive. :)
It turns out people don't like me any more, and I'm really going to have to prove my worth. However, things are looking up, and I am getting over the ego thing!

I take off on Monday for a big adventure! Super exciting stuff. I have appointment everywhere, which is pretty cool... get to meet Miss M in Timaru, which is awesome. Picking up my new semi boss for the next 3 months from the airport just after 9, and then we're off. I didn't know what to do about accomodation, so just going with the flow. Insane, perhaps. Could I end up sleeping in the back of the car.... exciting adventure awaits! :) (Sore back to boot?!)

Ahhhh... exciting times lie in wait.... for exciting people to catch a whiff of the breeze that blows...
autumn tones.....
and the crunching underfoot. it gets louder as the seasons change, and the passing of time catches up with the world....

and I dream.

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