Sunday, June 12, 2005

before I run off... again

I seem to be slightly flaky these days..... especially when it comes to sitting down to do a post.

I'm thinking about taking the old trusty laptop with me this week.... but whether or not I actually get it online is another question - whether it will be worth trying is another thing completely.

I still haven't packed... hehehe.... though I have got everything ready to go into the car. Let the fun begin! I'm not taking nearly as much "stuff" as I did last time. I can't see the point. So, taking some trusty favourites. :)

Been an interesting weekend... nothing mind blowing.... more revealing to me, myself and I. That, and I've been kinda sick in bed. Got some nasty cough thing going down. Joys. Caught up with old flatmate Catherine on Sat.... a bunch of the girls went out for brunch which was hillarious. Never know what kind of conversation you are going to have when in the company of those ones. We've all kinda said that there are no boundaries, which makes for zaninessssss... and of course, I'm sure I saw the people at the table behind us squirm!
That's not really the aim, but to talk about everything - that is. And all important to us.

The day before I had breakfast with E and Rae. Early start to the day.... after a late night with Jacx... talk about a social week! It's hard work catching up with everyone after you've been away for two weeks. I had kind of hoped that I would be on the west coast catching up with Benny - but thinking I may do thta on the way home this week instead. Although I really want to drive up through Lindis Pass.... If I can time it at sunset I will be super happy!! :) It's such an ever changing place, with the light just making the scenery. Wish I had a camera for this one.... might even find some snow?!

I don't think I've even written since the long weekend away.

Wellington was a blast in lots of ways....
I had a very swanky dinner with Shane, which was a nice surprise. Of course I felt revolting and kinda out of place after tramping around the city since early that morning.... buying a hat, cause man it was miserable weather! So... sporting some smelley clothes, sneakers, and hat hair... the perfect atire for such an event. Shane just laughed at me, and told me not to worry about it.
So.... good to catch up with him that night. and yummy food!!!
May have to take Mike along there one day - or just tell him where it is?!
Sunday was spent trapsing between churches, which was all fun and games... Shane's mum ended up in hospital that day, so didn't see him again.... hopefully she's doing all better now.
Instead - I lost my cell phone. Talk about nutter!
You suddenly feel very out of it - not having your main source of communication. No txts, no phone calls.... seemed to equal no love at that stage.
Anyway..... went for a cruise on the waterfront after church... which was awesome. Enjoyed getting out on the water. I had thought about going kayaking - but wasn't dressed for it, while the water was the most calm I'd seen it. Next time.
The boat was kinda cool.... and the scenery was nice.... I love just getting out on the water - and not having to do any work to be out there was all good.
Spent a couple of days wondering around Te Papa too. Got to see the exhibition which was the purpose of the whole exercise. YAY. some very cool drawings to check out there... and I did leave feeling cultured. hehehe.... I'm easily pleased.
Also inspired.

The rest of my time was spent wondering... soaking in the sights, smells and sounds....
I realised I don't spend a great deal of time in city centres. Christchurch kind of elludes me... there is no real need to go down there... so I don't. And yet, I hate malls... so where do I spend my time? On the hill I guess.
It was fun people watching.... and I did catch up with Sally for lunch on Monday which was brilliant. She's just gorgeous... and so great to spend some quick time with. We chatted away, found some good coffeee.... and yaked about Ains. Ains is wanting to head to Thailand with Sally next year... we just laughed about the idea. I don't know what Ains would do somewhere like that? between the 3 of us, we're all such different travelers. I told Sally I wouldn't be able to do it.... she understood....
Hey - I'm all for Canada anyway.... not thinking beyond Christmas.
Actually... need to get in touch with Nigel too... and find out what's going on with him. Last txt was just see you at Christmas.
I think Mike may have piked on that one... he's focused on buying the house, which is all good for him. Oh well, I guess. Should still catch up with Julie, Bethany and Sarah somewhere along the way, somehow?!
and then I guess stay with Nicky and Dave in Vancouver. I had better get in touch with Cairns and Feo to let them know I'll be there.

Enough prattle....... I'd better get things sorted here. The kitchen is a dump. as is my room. and I know I need sleep.

Let the emotional rollercoaster stop here.... I don't think I want to take it with me on this trip.

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