Thursday, June 16, 2005

tales of frost....

Zippy, Bungle and I made it home.... after much driving......

Oh- Zippy would of course by my imaginary friend, who is stuck in the car as a permenent fixture now. Poor thing. And, well, Bungle is the car itself.

It was an interesting journey... not bad... not great... though Dunedin is growing on me. It was amazing driving down to Balclutha.... even just outside of Dunedin - the frost was so heavy... the trees looked gorgeous... the road was pretty icy in some parts... only managed to skid once, no doubt at the most inopportune moment in the whole trip, but survived - as did Bungle. I just loved the whole look when driving through the valleys.... the trees, covered in frost, had a pink hue about them which was gorgeous with the sky in the background. Of course... didn't see much of the sky blue, but when you caught it.... luscious.
Drove through lots of cloud up in the higher mountains.... between Roxborough and Alexandra, couldn't see much of anything, but looking behind you, when you drove out of it, looked amazing.
So mysterious.

By the time I got to Ashburton last night I was feeling super sleepy, and the roads all got rather straight - which is not good timing at all. I made it home around 8 to light the fire and cook up some yummy soup.

today.... catch up on paper work.

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TaB said...

Found you, despite not putting your uri in hehe.. ;)

I will be back to get the CJ News.. i sent you a mail just now :)