Saturday, January 13, 2007


brooke has just come out with a gorgeous new cd. I've managed to misplace the cd cover. No idea where it's gone... so that will have to wait....
but this morning I was digging through some of the older cd's and found one of my favourites - bebo norman; try.

my favourite song would have to be "nothing without you", and today the words really struck a chord in my heart - so here you go.

take these hands and lift them up
for i have not the strength to praise you near enough
i have nothing, i have nothing without you.
and take my voice and pour it out
let it sing the songs of mercy i have found
for i have nothing, i have nothing without you.

all my soul needs
is all your love to cover me
so all the world can see
that i have nothing without you

take my body and build it up
may it be broken as an offering of love
for i have nothing without you

but i love
with all my heart
with all my soul
with all my mind
and all the strength that i can find

take my time here on this earth
and let it glorify all that you are worth
for i am nothing without you

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


mreddie said...

Beautiful words, struck a chord in my heart as well. Good to see you posting again - even though I have been mostly away from the web with my surgery and all. ec

Jayleigh said...

I really like Bebo Norman AND that song.


hope you're doing well