Saturday, January 08, 2005


Had just written this huge long entry, and then, my computer frooze on me. One of those moments. They are such wonderful beasts, with such minds of their owns.
Guess I wasn't meant to tell everyone everything. hahaha :)

Just about to crawl into bed.... and somehow feel like I've gotten everything out there - even though no one will get the chance to question it, and even know what I was thinking. Maybe it's time I kept the craziness to myself?
Nahhhhh... where's the fun in that?

Was watching "Sweet Home Alabama" tonight with flatmates... and just sat and soaked up the easiness. Actually took me back to my summers there.... and the people, and the fact that I do miss it all in a crazy way. It was independent and easy and all slightly crazy. Those incredible thunder storms that you got in the afternoon, the afternoons in the movie theatres cause it was just too hot to be anywhere else, and the people.
It is such a different lifestyle.

I was reading an article a while ago about English tourists, and how they all rated NZ as a place to visit. The only complaint was that NZ was too quiet at night.... little to do. I know that it's very different to England - where the pub is the centre of all civilization, and all social function, and while that didn't really do it for me - there is a social side to the States that you just don't get here.
Yeah - I think my days of going out till the wee hours are over, but the dancing in the streets - the music, the festivity..... it's wacky and fun!
I miss that alot.
We have culture here... but not the mad elements that they have there.

I don't know.... I think I'm just getting abit stale here.

That, and I know I miss the people. Had a quick catch up with my friend Julie... who declares all the time that we will be old maids sitting on our front porch somewhere in the States... with our cats, and our frozen margarittas, just watching the world go by. hahahaha

Anyway.... I'd better zoom it here... tomorrow is a day filled with organising... lists, and bits and pieces to get finalised, and just catching up.

"An unshared life is not living. He who shares does not lessen, but greatens his life."
for mike who wanted to know.


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TaB said...

Dont you hate that, it happens to me more than i care to talk about! Grrrr.
I kind of like your friend Julies future, seems okay to me to sit with someone you care about just watching the days float by, can i come too? :)
Sunbeams to you too