Thursday, January 13, 2005


been a series of late nights here... and super long days inbetween. I don't feel like I've quite gotten back into the swing of things at work, which is a bother. Have a couple of quotes that I've been trying to get done - but haven't managed to just find the flow. Normally I have an immediate idea of what I'd use. Holidays, huh.

TO top it all off is the concert stuff - which is exciting, and I think all coming together beautifully. The night will tell all, I guess.
Still... it's all been incredibly encouraging. And I think I'm getting better at asking for help too!

Have been doing some drive by's for the future house. YAY! Seems we may have another person on board, which is brilliant. All quite crazy, but obviously another God thing.

Anyway... I'll babble on about it all later. This weekend will hopefully be THE ONE, although hard to know where I'm going to fit it all in with weddings and packing. Insane!

best fly.....


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