Tuesday, January 04, 2005

home, sweet home.....

Yes, back to my beloved bedroom, where I can lay my head, and know..... sleep will come!

While I had a great time up on the farm... soaking up the beauty, along with the rain.... I was pretty wound up about things too. Bad juju when you can't relax. I guess I'm learning more and more about me - what I demand of myself and of course, the people around me.

BUT.... I'm open to the growing and the learning... and know it's all a gradual thing. :) Good thing that!

What I did realise late last night, while I was overthinking the universe, was that it was time to move out of the girly house. Total peace about it all now, which is awesome. That - and just knowing that a decision has been made - and now, it's time to just walk that out!
This is going to be a full on month, so probably won't happen this month.... but come Feb, I guess it will be time to pack up everything again... begin the culling process and make the big move to a new abode. Exciting.... and yet, the task of finding that perfect abode - a little daughnting. House hunting is one of my least favourite past times. hehe

Anyway.... tomorrow is looming, and sleep is waiting.....
I don't sleep well at home, and was up super early this morning getting horses ready for the show. My dearest broodmare, Tui - which is one of the horses we brought with us from Canada - who is nearing the 20 year age, having had 11 foals won Champion and her foal, reserve. She is just awesome!! So relaxed in comparison to the hillarious horse I was leading around. Man... my arms are sore, and the bruses are bursting into full colour. I always seem to come back from the farm a multitude of different colours. :)

Love to everyone...

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