Thursday, December 30, 2004

now comes a time

The joys of being at home, and not having that easy, instant access to the computer.....
it's enough to drive you mad, but at the same time.... quite refreshing too. That's not to say that I don't miss everyone out there, by any means!
It's just easier not to try - because anytime I do sit down and write an email, the computer refuses to send it, and the frustration levels rise hugely!
It's moments like that, I realise, no matter how easy going I think I am.... I'm not!

So, Tab - I'm sorry.... yours ended up in the big ol' yonder..... will have to catch up when I get home. Whenever that is.

I think I have a car..... wohooooooo!!!!
So, just about to book a ferry crossing.... which is all fun and games. Wondering if Shane would want to come down to the beloved South Island earlier than the 10th, but also wondering if we'd kill eachother on the open road?!
We shall see.... funny way to officially meet a person, since it didn't happen as he drove through Cambridge.... mad rush to get down to Taupo. Guess then was not the time.

I picked up the paint brush a couple of days ago - though it was nothing drastic... just the verandah which needed a new coat of white... of course, seems that night some cat decided to walk along it - leaving his mark... typical. Today.... pouring with rain, and I got the living room ready to paint yesterday, so today may be the perfect day. Dad wants me to do the bathroom edging, and their bedroom too. Easy peasy. :)

We still need to get horses ready for the show.... gave Oklahoma a bath the other day, and had her looking beautiful... as well as Felicity - but neither of these ones are going to the show. lol.
Gottta bring the foals in, and do some leading.... but it's just too miserable today.

Might need to go catch a movie this afternoon..... perefct weather for that.

Righty ho....

Off I go... to see what damage I can do.

Be well


SillyMouse said...

Your home now, good good. I have to write you a mail sometime later, i have been so ill. It seems like you had a good time though :)

At the stroke of midnight i toasted good friends and thanked the lord for my good fortune, i wished you were here, im very happy to have found you miss cj.

take care for now

Using up the words.... said...

TaB..... not sure why - but you suddenly came to mind tonight, as I sat back sipping a NZ white.
Perhaps it's gone to my head? :)
Hoping you get this and you're well.......
Funny how some people come into your life and regardless of the time spent - they stick.
I guess you're one of them.
Wishing you well....