Saturday, December 11, 2004

the car....

I forgot about the car story....

though was reminded, gently the other day.... silly me.

My poor car.... betty the brown bomb is dying. yes, it's official now. On that fateful Friday, where I was running around doing all those last minute Bridesmaids duties.... picking up the other bridesmaids, running through speeches, picking up rings, food for the next day, everything that has to be finished that day......
somewhere between my house and the grocery store, the car starts spluttering.... to describe it to the mechanic, she had a severe case of the hiccups ..... the mechanic responded with... ahhh, she's got kangaroo juice!

Anyway... I managed to get her to the garage, and leave her in their capable hands... before getting a call to tell me that, ummmmm... she's not worth fixing! Poor Jacx, who was with me at the time just gave me a huge hug, and we both laughed, as I had tears streaming down my face... this is the second car she's had to see me loose.


I get to the garage with Jacx, and the guy tells me that she'll "last a while" with what they've done, so I tell Jacx I'll be fine, and I'll just see her later tonight, after I've done all the running around. The car barely makes it home!

Needless to say I was frantic, and somewhat beside myself. I had so much to get done, and had to be all over the place, and now no car to do it in. So... the answer in any situation like that one... to lie down, have a good cry, and then, just keep going.
I had my flatmate take me to pick up one of the other bridesmaids, drop us both off at Jacx place so I could pinch her car, and go and pick up the others, and all the stuff we needed. It was madness - but we made it!

Soooooo.... the car did manage to start the next day, and I bunny hopped around the block a few times, before actually going anywhere... but this is the end of the line for the beloved little car.
Not quite sure what will happen now? Buying a new car isn't an option right now... still need to get plane tickets sorted out for next year, and that's going to come first....
So.... delivering stock to clients is out, and getting up earlier to walk to work is in... and I don't mind that... I mean, I hate the fact that doing my job just became harder, but since they aren't interested in paying me a decent wage, I'm not about to take on that added responsibility.

Tune in next time when we hear the pig say.......

(Best imagination required here.... Miss piggy standing in a gorgeous little sequined number, heels flying in the air..... with that famous karate kick..... " Hiiiii Yaaaaaaaaa" )

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SillyMouse said...

Cars, you know for the past 32 years i have done well on a bus pass lol while not cool, they never fail me, just smell a lot.
Seems all the people i know lately have had car issues, although being stranded on the road in a bridesmaid dress would have been an interesting post!
Where are you off to on a jet plane?
Its funny how people develop relationships with their autos though, i live in an area where a car would do me good, one of these days i'll learn how to drive.
lol hiiiiii yaaaaa

Take care CJ ... frm the "stranger" lol