Monday, December 20, 2004

pressies galour.....

Just finished having our house Christmas....
Presents everywhere.... really!

Had a lovely dinner.... Jiljane was in charge of cooking the feast, and even made the requested Chocolate mousse... am I spoilt, or what?!

Was a lovely night. I'm completely zonked now though, and it's not actually even late.

Jiljane gave me a book, which I've been wanting to get for ages.... yay. So, just about to go and curl up in bed and read the night away.

Managed to get up early today....woweeeee... and made it into work early, which was pretty impressive. BUT, I guess thats what stress will do to you.
I got to work, didn't even sit in my office before I dashed off to the other warehouse to get back onto the packing. Madness.... I had booked transrail to come and pick up all the pallets and have them delivered on today back on Thursday - doing my best to be ultra organised....
Anyway - they were supposed to be picking them up around 1:30. 2:30 comes and I'm wondering where they've gotten to? So... call them up, and ask what's going on. It actually came as no surprise when they told me that they didn't have any record of the booking.
It's like everything that we've been doing this month - we've had orders go missing, suppliers be out of stock of half of the things that we've needed, shipments just not arrive from Australia...
It's honestly now just a comedy of events.
If I didn't laugh I would cry. So, when they told me this, while being frustrated, I'm beyond blowing up.... just go through the motions that it needs to be delivered that day, that I'm not impressed, or thrilled with their lack of organisation, and that I would appreciate if they would get over there to pick up the things. That's it.
In the end... several phone calls later, they finally get someone there after 5. I'm busy wondering if anyone will actually even be at the other end to take the stuff off of the truck? Dramas!
Still.... made it through the day, and I'm just relieved!

So... the next two days will be filled with just finishing some little orders, and getting paper work all done. I've got a pile of invoices which need to be done, and other silly little things that have been pilling up on my desk, floor, shelves. My office is a MESS!
I sat down at my desk, and actually had no space to put anything down. Mad, really.
So.... tomorrow morning can be spend tidying up, and just getting organised. I don't enjoy things being quite that bad. :)

Oh - sent off all the Christmas pressies today. So, should be waiting for me when I get home. YAY!
Need to tell mum that she's not allowed to open it up! I didn't wrap a couple of the presents, cause I wanted to add a few things once I was up there. Still - good to know that they are on there way, and I don't need to worry about trying to pack everything. Had a bottle of port, that I hope will survive the journey alright. hahaha... otherwise, disaster will be waiting for me.

Right... I'm honestly just babbling.

So, shall shut it now, and go crawl into bed.

Goodnight all.

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SillyMouse said...

And to all a good night!
Im sure you are sipping wine, and snuggling, I hope your day goes stress free and pleasant CJ, and don’t forget the mistletoe lol You can fill me in on the gory details in a long and detailed letter (spare no expense) lol.

Take care, love and blessings safe travels