Friday, December 10, 2004


I was sitting in my little office today, thinking about going to see a movie tonight..... liking the idea after such a long week - sitting back in the dark, no phones to answer, people to ask me funny questions......
And there are so many movies on at the moment that I've wanted to see.....
BUT - do you think I could find anyone who wasn't busy, or married to come to the movies with me at such late notice?
What was I thinking?? lol

So, I sat there.... and felt kind of alone in the world. hahaha
It was short lived, because this was of course all taking place in my office, and I get all of 2 minutes max without some kind of interuption. (fleeting thoughts are mastered here!)

Anyway... I got home around 8, and after sitting down, thinking about dinner... which just didn't happen.... I jumped up and went to see the movie.
So glad I did. Funny how I'd forgotten how much I do like going to see movies on my own. Sat and absorbed it all up.... there were a few teary moments, but nothing drastic, and it was just nice.

on that note..... been told I need to call my lost flatmate in Australia.... so better get to it, before I fall asleep at the keyboard.

I'm puzzling over something I heard......

"Isn't it obvious" just to remind me that I need to get onto that. :) Bizzare, huh!

be well.

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SillyMouse said...

ugg i know that feeling very well.
but if you enjoy your own company, that's a big help (and gin use to help me) lol :)
Moving on to the car post... cos im a nosy cow :)