Sunday, December 19, 2004

saying goodbye

So.... as it rained yesterday morning..... I jumped in Betty for the last time - praying that she would make it down the road.... getting us safely to the car wreckers.... and then it would be goodbye.
I was actually ready to get rid of her - after walking to work for that week.... and getting over the whole - arhg, inconvenience of it all. :)
It's still quite sad to think about now..... all the adventures taken.... crazy talks that happened, and just the people that I've been able to take places.
I guess that was a big thing for me.... I was always so thankful that I could do that for people.... Christchurch is so small - that taking anyone anywhere was never that big a deal.

Before taking her I did my best to peel off a couple of the stickers that I had stuck on her.... it was part of her identity. When I talked to a friend last night, telling her Betty had gone - she just said, you could always spot Betty around the city because of her stickers....

So... I'm slowly getting rid of the things in my cluttered life. hahaha. I don't think I intentionally would have got rid of the car, at least not just yet... but it has spurred on some more evaluations as to the life I'm living right now. The whole "NEEDS vr's WANTS". Not only that, but just looking at what I already have.
While we were doing our "Spring clean" last weekend, I was going through all the kitchen cupboards, and realising that between three of us - we have anough for a whole nother kitchen... my suggestion - put together a box of things that we can loan out to people who have just moved over from somewhere.... who might have stuff coming from overseas, and just need something to tide them over. The boxes are growing as we find doubles/tripples of everything. It's very cool. So, I need to go through it all, and just box it and stash it for when someone needs it. We've often lent stuff out to people... this way we're a little more ready for it.
Have to sit back and go.... we really are so blessed!!!

Look at the things we have, rather than be so focused on what i want next.

What the world teaches us, huh!

Righty ho.... have just been playing around with the Shawn McDonald poster... so need to go and get it printed today. :) YAY.... I'm getting excited about it all again.

Oh - and we're having Christmas tomorrow night in the girly flat. Should be a blast.

Bring on thursday morning, when I get to fly home......


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