Thursday, December 09, 2004


yes, fairly random thoughts during the busy, and somewhat madening Christmas rush AKA Silly Season!
Fear there are even high chances of me finding myself stranded inside the store room come Saturday, just so I can find the zillion orders that are floating around for a couple of big orders, because I just can't face it during the week, and I'm being 'helped' by the store room guys - who like to pile everything up so high, and so damn badly that in actual fact, not only do I not know what is over there, but I can't get to it without climbing over boxes and pallets of STUFF! I've pretty much given up on it all for the moment, praying that I'm not going to get a phone call from Barry to say he wants the first part of the order NOW. That, and I still haven't solved the whole white procelain deal! hahahahaha......
and while I'm slogging through 10-11 hour days, I can sit here and smile.
I do still love my job!

So... catching up?

Jacx wedding on Saturday..... wish I had some pics I could drop on here... Jill is just trying to send me a couple that she took at the wedding. I don't really want to see us being silly at the reception.

It was a gorgeous day!! Jacx looked absolutely stunning..... huge smiles! Meanwhile.... as I walked up the isle I had Jimbo trying to make funny, sly faces without being outrageously obvious, and Maxi trying to figure out if he was going to cry - only to see my tears, and decide, actually - CJ is crying enough for both of us! hahaha. Yes... I couldn't help it.... Shane started crying, and that just set me off for good. Any pics will have me glistening with tears. Good thing Jacx knows me well, and knew to expect it from me.
Photos were fun and funny all at the same time.
we headed down to Sammys Jazz Review, which was fantastic... cool little courtyard and Sam turned up with Jo, which was very cool. I think it got Jo a little more excited about their up and coming wedding.... she laughed at the silly antics, and singing that went on with us. I'm looking forward to their wedding.... and the reception at Sammy's should be very cool. Great place to have it - and just be able to dance away the night - though I haven't asked them if they are actually having jazz, or not?

From there we did a drive through at BK.... hahaha. was driving Shane's car out to the reception with all the bridesmaids, and we were STARVING! So... it was demanded that we make the stop. Nothing like a bunch of well dressed girls eating burgers, and trying ever so hard not to get ketchup all over their dresses!

The night was all good.... Jimbo and I managed to do the first dance without too many toe stepping moments.... he's just such a sweetie. :)
It poured down with rain for most of the night.... making it all warm and cosy for us inside.... so, to jacx joy - we danced the night away!

Still recovering from it all.... lack of sleep... and just catching up on everything else that was put on hold.

The car is a whole 'nother story to contend with... but it can wait.

I'm off.......

but thought for the day........
"A simple life in the fear-of-God is better than a rich life with a ton of headaches."


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SillyMouse said...

Me again from the otherside of yesterday lol, i only just saw *your comment on my diary, somehow it got buried in my gibberish -thanks for leaving one... tag your IT! lol
Im guessing you were a bridesmaid? I adore weddings, and yet -have never been a bridesmaid or a bride :(
lol i have seen a photos of several maids in Mac's eating beefburgers, very funny im sure, but when your hungry you gotta eat!
Seems like you had a ball anyway. Im going to stick you to my list, i'll be interested to read about the car! lol