Sunday, January 23, 2005


Yes... been a rather headless chicken kind of week.

Should all quieten down come Feb?! Wishful thinking too, maybe?

So... this past week was the frantic house hunt, and of course last minute running around for the concert. Oh, and of course work inbetween. I've spent some time in my office just catching up with silly little things before I can really go away and leave it all. Will be there tomorrow morning doing a quick order before picking up Shawn from the airport. YAY!

No idea what we'll get upto tomorrow. Chances are he'll be dead to the world after his flight.... I have no idea how long he was in England for before flying on over... and via Oz too, just to really be a bummer!
YUK! That is one long dragged out flight!

Still.... got lots of possitive feedback from people at church this morning about the concert. Jacx is super excited about it all - and her cd cover is so very cool! Yeah... I'm brimming over with pride at my dear friends awesome artistic talents. May this just be the beginning of something much bigger.... God take her places and stir something in peoples hearts when they hear her sing.... the prayer of my heart!

Andy was hillarious at band practice.... walks in and just goes - WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??????? Why did you not ask if Shawn could stay at our place????? hahahaha.... I absolutely had to crack up. NUTTER

So... sounds like Tim and Euginie are quite excited about having him come and stay. Trying to figure out what we're going to do tomorrow night?! I know I have to keep Shawn awake till it's night, otherwise he's going to loose the plot come parachute.
Poor guy!

My room is filled with boxes, as I try and do the packing thing. Didn't get as much done yesterday as I would have liked, but I guess we'll get there. Panic later. hehe
I hate packing.... and just want it all to be over now. Fully can't wait to move into the new place. YAY!
Will have to snap some pics of the new house once we get over there... of course, my computer is throwing little hissy fits. I blame Mike. I can't get hello to work on my computer anymore. ARHG!
Shall figure that one out later - minor problem in the grand scheme of things.

The car hunt is still on..... but not going to panic about that one either. hehe. The new place is a little further away from work - but shouldn't take more than 45mins to walk there. And it will be so good for me to get back into that again. I feel kind of sloth like right now. It's been super hot, and I'm starting to come down with something, which is never any fun. Glands are just starting to get up, and there pretty sore. Most annoying, but I know I'm run down now.

Anyway... back to the packing.

tons of Aroha

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Did you get my mail CJ? dont love me anymore :(