Wednesday, August 11, 2004

dum de daaaaaa

Just home from swimming.

We had a friend round for dinner tonight, which was all good. Wednesday nights tend to be Roast Chicken nights..... and with Wendy coming round - I ate before I went. hehe.
Never thought that it would make that big a difference. Maybe it did, maybe it didn't? Who knows.....
What I do know is that it seemed harder tonight. I know I certainly pushed myself harder for the first bit..... and yes, I managed to swim the same amount as the other day in a shorter period of time.... but I'm ready to go and crash now! hehe. That is pretty unusual for me. :o)

I've had the last two days stuck over in the Distribution store room, which is a huge warehouse behind the store where my office is. The storeman who is normally over there had his Father's funeral yesterday, so has been away for a few days now. Yesterday was great.... I took loads of stuff with me, including my flute. Had a mini concert going on. Had to try out the acoustics, which was all very cool. It was nice to just have time to practice.... somewhere I could be super loud. I did think that everyone around me would probably be able to hear, but apparently they missed it all.
Got to read lots, and just have some time out. I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.
Today was a little different. hehe
I wasn't really thinking about it when I left the house this morning - that I may in fact get stuck there again.... John had said that he would do it - but he had a precious meeting on a golf course this afternoon. HA!
So... it was another day over there. Luckily I did grab a bag of things to kind of keep me busy, and I had a couple of books in there.... and some writing stuff.
I managed to get a few letters done, and sent away no less.

I got a card from my Nana yesterday, which was very cool. She sounded super cheerful. Of course, ended it by saying "Love you always" which just brought the tears on.
Mum sent an email today to say that she's almost finished her radiation treatment, which is great - and sounds like she is doing alright. Mum is heading up there to spend some time with her, and give my cousin a break next weekend - which is cool. Kind of wondered about the logistics of me getting up there then. But there is no chance. It will have to wait.
Meanwhile.... my mission is to send at least one card each week. So far, so good. :o)

Figured while I was at it - I would try and send one person a little note each week.... just something to let them know I was thinking of them. I have these moments where it dawns on me that I don't actually tell people how much they mean to me - and I don't like that. So, this is kind of in aid of that. I know how much I appreciate notes.... figure if I do, so will others.
I have one friend who is so cute with notes... and so encouraging. We aren't encouraging enough, as a whole.... So.... while I had written one to Jacx the other day, I sent one to Jimbo and Kym, who had me over for dinner on Sat night.

Had a bizarre moment last night..... not really bizarre, but a moment.

Mike and I tend to talk on the phone every night - something I once said was just a "Habit" and could that be a good thing? He thinks it is. hehe. Anyway.... ages ago, at the end of the conversations we would both laugh and say that we found ourselves about to say "I love you". We just laughed about it. I haven't thought about that one in ages, and actually haven't had to stop myself from doing it in a long time. Last night, it nearly came out. Crazy! And at the same time... I know that I say it to plenty of my friends when I hang up from them. Why is it I stop myself with him? Figure that I'm just worried about the way he's going to take it...
Why do we so often get worried about how things are going to be taken? I'm not hugely worried... but obviously enough to stop myself from saying it.

OK.... have had enough of the wet hair!

ka kite

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