Tuesday, August 17, 2004


I had all sorts of big thoughts running through my head last night.....
but really feeling too blah to even get into them now.

The snow has all melted from Monday, though we may be in for some more tonight, which would be quite cool. I'm all for more Winter Wonderland moments. Lilly was so funny the way she was playing in it. Never thought a cat would enjoy snow? hehe

I tried to get some shots - but haven't even checked to see if any of them were any good. Will have to check tomorrow.

Quite cold here tonight... and I'm ready to get warm. The fire is lovely in the living room - but the rest of the house is kind of freezer like! :o)
Ahhhhh... good thing I'm tough enough to handle it! (Yes, the electric blanket does wonders!)

Righty ho.... big thoughts will have to wait.


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