Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Well, the interview went really well.....
Funny how you never really know what your chances are after you leave.... all you know is that you survived, and can feel good about everything that you said. I couldn't have done more, and I'm happy with that.
It was kind of hard being interviewed by someone who wouldn't actually be employing me, and had a list of questions to ask me for the Boss. Still, if nothing else.... I will have a contract by the end of next week - which is something HUGE! hehe. She was horrified at that aspect. So, I should hear something by the end of next week - which will either be YES, or a trip to Auckland to go through some more questions. Always a good experience to go through these things.

Meanwhile..... I'm completely thrashed. Guessing that I've got the mumps. HAHA!!! Ains is so funny, having a nurse around the house has it's bonuses. Still, who gets the mumps? Just feels like I've strained my neck, and my throat is jammed with who knows what? Chocolate doesn't even taste good. WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO???
So.... I guess I need to go to the doctor tomorrow.... the joys. I guess anti-biotics will kick it. I certainly hope so.... I like chocolate! :o)

Was going to curl up in front of the fire tonight and watch Amelie.... but I can't even be bothered doing that - so to bed I go with a book. Gotta be good.


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