Monday, August 09, 2004

a little gutted.....

I'm just about to go and plonk away on the piano. Need to prepare Praise and Worship for tomorrow nights V.L.I. - what some of us prefer to call Bible School. :o)
Just got home from a swim, which was bliss. I so love heading off to the pool after work, to just swim away the worries.... a great place to think about things, and yet, not get weighed down by all the thoughts. They tend to slip off at the end of each length.

It was a typical Monday..... things that needed to be done, with plenty of distractions... and of course, in the last two hours - madness! :o)
But, I love madness.... made the rest of the day zoom on by, and I can never complain about that - though I could have done with a little more time to finish stuff off.
Alas... tomorrow, I'm in a different building, with little to do. Have to take a book to read away the day. Write a few letters, maybe? Who knows?

Anyway..... best be moving.

Till next we meet....

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