Thursday, August 12, 2004


Had really good intentions tonight - but it all turned kind of pear shaped.

Yeah - one of those nights where I could have:

* done some washing
* put away the clean washing
* replied to my mothers email
* check up on tulips
* fixed the old web site links
* Cleaned the junk off my desk
* put away the painting stuff from the weekend

It gets better... hehe
I tried to go for a swim... which took a fair amount of motivation, got to the pool, only to discover that the 50m pool was closed for the night. GUTTED!
Regardless of how I feel when I leave the house, I do so love diving into the pool. (you know that good old, chlorine in the eyes, water up the nose, mouth full) Nothing beats it!

Oh - the email from my mother.... not only to tell me about Nana, but also to give me the web site address

I need to talk to her about some of it - but it is a start!
Brilliant stuff - there are two pics on me on there - and you would never, ever realise it!! I thought that was quite classic. Ok, admittedly one is just my arm... and what a great arm it is! The other is of me at my first combined drive - yes, being a maniac with Tui in a hazard. We were having such a blast - but the pic is so blurry. No idea what they were doing?
So - that is my parents Stud Farm web site.... a few of the horses, which consume their time.

Should you wonder - Love Song is my baby... only she's pretty big now, and probably doesn't remember me too well, since I'm hardly ever up there these days. She's beautiful though, with real spunk. Much like her brother, Misha, who is super cool!
In fact.... all of Tui's foals are fantastic! I guess Love Song most reminds me of Joy, who was just that to me.... a Joy. She's now somewhere in Oz, which was a bummer in my world. Hardly inspired visits home after she left. hehe. (I don't think I can really blame it on that.... but I could blame it on the painting that is always waiting for me?!)

Meanwhile... must figure out when I'm heading up that way.
ahhhhhhhh... glad this day is over!


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