Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Postcard from Ireland... Posted by Hello

Well.... dearest darling Nigel is doing super well.... we have post card number 4 from Ireland. Pretty good for a boy. hehe.

I'm doing pretty well - hearing bits of news from him, often at very strange hours via sms. Not complaining for a moment though. I actually miss him HUGELY... so will gladly relinquish sleep any day to hear from him. He knows it!
Funny how and who you consider to be a "real" friend. What does that mean?
It's been something I've been forced to think about with some other things going on - questions asked. Nig is the one person that I've known the longest - which isn't really saying a huge amount in some ways. Met him when I was 16, and we've kind of hung out since then. Had some messy moments, and of course, the moments where one of us has been a million miles away. hehe. BUT.... we've always been able to keep it together. In fact, we haven't lived in the same city since '96, which is kind of crazy - and maybe the only reason we are still such good friends? You know the whole - can't get sick of them if they aren't around?! :o)

Anyway.... the boy is now living in England. Spends most of his days teaching, and the other days tripping around the country side in a landrover. Sounds like he is having a blast. Currently somewhere in Spain with a bunch of boys. WOAH.... watch out Spain!!
Wish he wasn't quite so far away.... but only fair that I had my 4 years away.... hopefully this time we'll get together somewhere and do some traveling together?!

Right.... no rambling..... other than that.....

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