Friday, August 13, 2004

starless night.....

Bring on the weekend! :o)

This week has certainly had it's challenges... mostly being left on my own - alot! Not that I'm not capable of working on my own, but it certainly felt like I was just running round in circles trying to get everything done by myself.
I could have so easily walked out of there at 11 this morning. John was sick again today, and trying to catch up on everything I couldn't do on Tuesday and Wednesday, on top of what he hadn't finished was too much. hehe.

Anyway.... day done.... I think everyone survived?! And alot of stuff got away too.

(I, unfortunately feel like I've forgotten something..... and it's not a normal feeling for me, come the weekend)

Blah.... will leave that one alone now!

So, had Zohnia, Sam and Imogen along with Paul and Tanya over for dinner tonight. Was supposed to be an early night, so that Imogen could be in bed at a resonable hour - though I have to say that it was Z who needed bed most by the end of the night.
I had picked up some fantastic Indian on my way home from work. (People who just can't figure out how to drive in the city during rush hour are just so FRUSTRATING!!Christchurch hardly has a "Rush Hour" but geeeeee, if we ever get super big, it will be intolerable!)

Had a great time catching up with everyone. Paul and I were at the College of Education together, so became pretty good friends. He's now doing his first year teaching, and just loving it. He's pretty passionate about his job, and about the kids - though relaxed enough to admit that they can be pretty tough, and by the sounds of things, some of these kids do not come from ideal homes. I have moments when I'm talking about him, where I wonder if I could perhaps handle teaching? I don't think I'm passionate enough to keep me going through the day? I would want more freedom to teach kids the things that I deem important! hehe. Yes... me wanting too much control!

So... a good night with everyone.

Ended it all off with some rounds of "Rummy" which was pretty funny. Luckily, I was too tired to get too competitive.

Now.... back is sore, and bed waits.

Thankyou Mighty Mike, for reminding me to turn on the beloved Electric Blanket. Can now go crawl into a nice warm bed. Wonder where Lilly is though? Haven't seen her all night?

Wondering about getting up early for Breakfast? hehe. Better yet, and early morning swim tomorrow? Oh - Opening ceremony too. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Ka kite ano

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