Thursday, August 26, 2004

toes wiggling

Don't you love it when you waltz into the doctors office, explain your ailment, and are told.....


Yeah, not exactly what I was hoping for either.... man, I'm still itching like anything.... and I mean, I'm covered in this rash, even the palms of my hands, and soles of my feet. Yeah - you spend your life worrying about hairs growing there, never giving thought to the day when you find you are itching them like mad! haha

So..... they took gallons of blood to sample, (no exaggeration, I promise!) to test anything and everything, and maybe we'll know something tomorrow?
I get to itch.

I'm actually not feeling as bad right now as I did last night.... as far as being able to move my neck and swallowing is a little easier. Everything still tastes like cardboard. haha... which technically should help the diet - right?! Who wants to eat cardboard?!

So... today zoomed by, and I don't actually know what happened. Seemed the middle of the day was taken up with the doctors, picking up prescriptions, getting bloods done.... not very exciting - huh.
Oh, did get to the library...... found a couple of N. Sparks books that I've wanted to read for ages, so that's all good. About to go and curl up with them now..... for a little while. Maybe even sleep a little?

Exciting stuff - snow is on it's way again!! Down to 200m tonight, so something might happen. I might even hear something about my job too? Tomorrow looks good! :o)

Hope the sun is shining between your toes....


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