Thursday, August 19, 2004

star light..... star bright

Another night.... and too cloudy to see the stars up there. Hopefully there will be sightings of the Blue moon next week though!
Actually need to find out how often we do get a blue moon. Someone once said it was something like every 7 years?! I'm clueless.
Still.... pretty cool thing to happen, when you think about it.
(More excuses to go swimming!)

Can't believe that tomorrow is Friday already. Have Jacx's birthday on Saturday - but she's off doing luvly romantic things with Shayne that night - so no idea when I'll see her? Was going to do a painting for her..... leaving it rather late though. We have our next vicims for Friday night dinner..... Clare and Michelle. Two girls that I really don't know at all...... kind of makes me wonder if I have to be here. Yes, anti-social springs to mind, and the very fact that I just don't want to have to make some grand effort speaks volumes.
Perhaps I'm getting old and stuck in my ways? haha..... never thought that would be me....
Seems we often don't know who we are, or what we are becoming.

Question is..... do I like what I'm becoming... and what can I change if I don't like it?

In saying any of that.... I don't dislike me. I guess I compare myself to what I was though. I always figured that I had a fairly good grasp on what I was becoming... as far as the type of person I was. Maybe? Have I ever been in control? hehe

Mike is convinced that I need to go see a therapist. Maybe it's because he's bored with hearing my prattling? Who knows.... I'll continue to scribble thoughts on here, and in my journal, and see how we go.

Had an interesting conversation about being hormonally unbalanced.... can you say chaos!
The world gets turned upside down, and then some!

Big night for big thoughts, which can't seem to get out of my head. It's been a week like that.
Need to make time to really sit and write.... not just here, but to write some emails, and letters, and just get on track.

for now.... ciao

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