Tuesday, August 03, 2004

day done...

Another day.... and I've come home to an empty house. Not only that, but Ains cooked Butter Chicken for dinner tonight. YUMMY!!
The fire is roaring away.... I'm eating yummy food, and I'm all alone. :o) hehe.
Funny the things which I take delight in.

So, today was an ok day....
I got a call about a job that I had applied for a few weeks ago, which kind of came as a surprise. All good though. The lady who called sounds really nice, and we talked for a while about the job, and what I'm currently doing.
The job is within the company that I work for - so it wouldn't have any BIG surprises, but would certainly be a change of scenes.
The idea of changing is quite exciting - even if it is short term? Just gaining new experiences, and getting out there. Would include a fair amount of travel - which is a huge bonus. Sure, I'll get sick of it - but seeing new people, and new parts of the country - all good. :o)
I'm hoping that I will get to convince them to include the lower North Island as part of my region, which would be fantastic! Will see what happens. Interviews aren't for a while yet.... though the regional manager seems to be fairly oppotomistic about it all. He knows something I don't?

Anyway..... back to the fire....
It's pretty cold out there tonight!

Kia kaha

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