Sunday, October 31, 2004

P is for PIZZA!!! Obviously

Yes... one of those nights! :o)

About to go and make some monster pizzas on this gorgeous Spring evening. My cousin and his fiance are coming round for dinner tonight..... and nothing would beat pizza tonight.

It's a day where you want the sun to just keep coming.... the day to keep going. Of course, it's zoomed.
Had an awesome service this morning.... one of those inspiring sermons, where you actually feel like something in you has changed - or at least wants to desperately reach forward for all that is out there for me!

Also had a womans retreat this weekend. I'm shattered from a really full on weekend. Met some great new people.... and Jacx and I yaked into the wee hours on Friday night. I haven't done that in forever. Funny.... need to have more sleep overs. We were laughing away much of the night. Joking about howshe met Shayne, and the engagement.... all very cool.

I've realised how little I've actually seen of her this year. In fact, this year just feels like a huge blurrrrr.....
so much I haven't focused on, and I've been slack about.

Life Fm has taken a huge back seat, and that's gotta change.

I've almost forgotten about what I'm passionate about. Not like me at all.
So... time to stir it all up again.

Ohhhhh... exciting news on the job front. I'm finally getting my computer! YES!!! All it took was the one email to the BIG BOSS man. :o)
Kind of points out the obvious to me again. Unless you ask, how can you get?

So... need to actually get my office sorted out tomorrow. Decided I'm going to change my desk around.... don't think I'll have to move the filing cabnet, which would be a mission and a half. Last time I had to empty everything out, and that I can do without.

Got a parcel in the mail this weekend.... yes... miss bethany sent over the new Bebo cd for me! Everyone in the house say YAY!!!

Just listening away to it now.... mellow as, always... but some cool words going on.

Makes a change from Vegie Rocks.... "Everyone has a water baffalo.." how can you not love that song? hahahaha...... Superchic*k at their very best I would say. Almost beats Princes and frongs?!

Righty ho... better get moving on the pizza front.

Mum and Dad were both chatting to me for abit, but seems they've gone and got distracted by something else on here?

Leave you with some Bebo

"Everything is alright, everything is so bright. Yeah the sun is shining beautiful and everyone is singing, everyone is dreaming. Yeah, the world is so colourful. "


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