Friday, October 15, 2004

week ends

So... another Friday night has rolled on up. YAY! This week has been pretty full on.

The day in Auckland, spent in a small, somewhat stuffy boardroom actually ended up being more productive than I perhaps thought possible!
While the training itself was waffly, and perhaps a little frustrating - I'm one of those kinesthetic learners, who need to have the thing in front of me to really gain any kind of understanding of what's being talked about - the time spend talking to the other sales guys who are based up there, and the big boss man, who stuck his head in to catch up with us was pretty informative and helpful too.
I was able to share abit more about my situation, and the way things have been going since starting the job almost a year ago - which was good stuff. He's made some promises about changes that will take place in the next couple of weeks - though I don't think holding my breathe would be a good idea. hehe. Still.... all in all - not a wasted day. It was exhausting though! hehe.
Went out for dinner with some friends last night.... awesome little Japanesse restarant. Good to catch up, and just chill out with Erin and Sarah. We even romped down to the mall afterwards - more like waddled our way to grab an icecream. Talk about indulgent! Bumped into another friend while we were down there. Seems I don't often go out for dinner with people these days. Benny and I always do when he's around - though the amount of time it takes for us to decide what exactly we would like to eat is a marathon in itself! (Gotta love the boy!) Other than him... I tend to stick to the coffees.
Kind of miss the American days, where going out for dinner is just more common. Perhaps not good - but still - more places that grab me than over here.

So the question of all questions right now......

What would make me happy? Am I so dissatisfied right now?

shall ponder away....

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