Friday, October 08, 2004


Just home after having a night with the girls.
Went round to Jacx place for a good ol'night of pizza and cheesy girlie vids.

I can't actually remember the last time I did that. I have seriously issolated myself this year. On purpose I guess too.

We watched Princess Diaries, which, while being super cheesy - is still filmed in San Fran - and I've just got to appreciate those flashes of the streets, and just soaking in the memories that I have of the great city. I'd love to go and explore those streets some more. Kind of took it all for granted while living in the Bay that i never spend enough time down town. It's such a cool city though!

So... home to bed now.

I'm so looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow..... just pray that I can sleep and sleep and sleep. My head is all fuzzy, and brain blurry.

room tidy up tomorrow too... all those mundane little things that I've got to get done. Yes, I'd like to be able to see my desk again! :o)

big thoughts about people, places, and purpose.

but think they can wait for tomorrow.

moonbows and stars

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