Monday, October 11, 2004

tell me why - I don't like mondays. hehe

Yes - can't you hear BOB crooning away in that raspy voice of his....

and what a depressing song to have as a title.

meanwhile.... I guess today I did kind of have a case of Monday'itis. Normally I like going to work. (perhaps not getting out of bed initially - but that passes quickly enough) Today, I was just in a slump.
More bad dreams... and maybe more reality?

Life is, as ever, changing..... and while the road is sometimes bumpy - it's exciting too think what could be around the corner.

Actually, really looking forward to the end of this year, and just seeing where things take me. I have commited myself to this job for the rest of the year - and quite possibly on till May next year when the 2 big jobs will be over. Beyond that, I don't feel a real sense of loyality. haha. They've had me for long enough, and I will have gained a fair amount of experience to take with me to something new. WOHOOOO.... bring it on!

I've been encouraged by a friend to take on some new form of sales, which would be very cool. realise that my self-confidence, in actually believing I have enough skill to go into this field... I know that I've learnt alot, and I know that I'm good at what I do - but transfering all of that to a new job - scary.
The encouragement is all good though! :o) I certainly appreciate it.

Pastor B was talking about encouragement yesterday..... my favourite line from his sermon:

"An encouraged heart is unstoppable!"

How true is that!!! We all need to be encouraged in different areas of our life. Thinking about it - a perfect way for us to know which path we are supposed to be travelling along.

Need to make tonight a night of catching up...... I wrote mum a postcard the other day, but still haven't posted it. Might actually walk down to the post box now.

Looks like abeautiful calm evening.... perfect for being out and about.

Be strong and courageous!

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