Thursday, October 07, 2004

sunsets and daffodils...

Was driving through the park the other day, and realised that spring is past springing, cause the dafodils have pretty much moved on, and the cherry blossom - in all it's spendor is rainging on the ground now.... looks mystical when the wind picks up, and blows the petals everywhere.... but it does make you wonder at the amazement of the one perfect week - where everything is just coated in blossom.

Christchurch is beautiful at this time of year. However, my feet are itching.
The idea of making it over for Darryl and Linds wedding next year, in Jamestown, would be brilliant. hahaha... I have to meet the chick who won his heart over. Yes - another Canadian bites the dust!

Figuring out how to travel and fit in all the weddings is quite hillarious. This is when you realise that while living overseas is awesome, and exciting - it does mean that you miss out on other things. Have I had enough of all the family things so that I'm ready to leave them for a while. I make that sound so kind of clinical, and sterile, which isn't at all how I view my family. I love them to bits, and love the times that we get to have together - but I also value gaining the new experiences.... and it would seem, that you can't always have both?!

So..... time to refocus, and figure out the next stage of the journey.

Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing!


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