Saturday, October 02, 2004

sunny saturdays....

Who could ask for more?

Actually got a pretty good nights sleep.... which helps, and while I was woken at 5:30 by the wonderful purry creature meowing outside my window to be let in.... I seemed to manage to get back to sleep. yay.

So, what to do with this glorious day?

Time to get my room sorted.... pack up the things that we don't need in the house... all the kitchen stuff..... I need a new trunk! ;) Would be perfect for pilling everything into right now. Might have to have a wonder around and see if I could find something. Doubtful. Don't seem to come across things like that here.

meanwhile.... moving on? finding a new house here. Yes, the idea of buying one appeals so much more than moving into another place.... but then, the idea of having a place to myself appeals more!! I was delivering some stuff the other day to some clients who manage lots of different apartments in the city.... this one was kind of cool. Not very big, but I could have handled it. WOuld have been a cool place to call my own.
Anyway.... we'll see.

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