Tuesday, October 12, 2004


OK... my silly cat was going nuts last night.... meowing anywhere she could - first outside my window - which I finally got up to open in a very sleepy state, only to find she had moved on. Actually left my window open all night too - must mean spring is here?!
She then continued her meowing spree throughout the house. I think Ains and I were the only ones to really suffer... and I always thought I was a deep sleeper?! Imagine how bad it would be if I had kids! ARHG!

Anyway.... day gone, and I'm about to crawl into bed to sleep long and hard, before I have to be up before dawn to get to the airport. yes.... tomorrow is training day in Auckland. Looking forward to pulling apart this programme they've spent so much on getting which is of no use to us. SUCKERS! hehehe
Hey - at least I get two plane rides, and a day away from my office, which I left in an absolute state in a mad rush to get to band practice tonight. hahaha. Thursday is going to be quite the day.

on that note...


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