Thursday, October 28, 2004

hungry hippo

Does anyone still have that game? Do they even still make it?

Not exactly what I'm refering to right now.... but a thought that sprung from it all.

Have had a great day.... don't you love it when that happens. :o)
Who doesn't love a great day at work.

Actually.... I have to say I like it when I'm there on my own. Not because I don't love John - but more the fact that I can just get on with what I need to do, and while there will always be interuptions.... I can get more done.
So, it's been abit of a missions week.... getting quotes done, orders out and caught up on the ever increasing pile of paper work which needed to be entered into the computer. Abit of a worry, really.
John did poke his head in for a little while... admited as he left that he had gotten very little done, but hey - the guy is supposed to be on holiday. What was he doing there to begin with?!

I braved an emailto the BIG BOSS yesterday... figuring I had nothing to loose.... something to gain! Asked him where my computer was? hahaha... he emailed back immediately saying he would go and question that one. Haven't heard anything since. It's not a big deal now because I can jump on John's... but when he gets back - CHAOS. The pre-christmas rush is on....

Talk to mum early this morning - the joys of waking up so early! :o) Seems she is pretty excited about becoming a Grandmother. Actually more than I expected her to be. YAY! Also sounds like Dave and Kirsten have changed their wedding from March to next November - which should make my flying plans a little easier.

Need to get a Diary pretty quickly to get everything into it now.

Right... zooming off to catch up with an old flatmate. I thought we were going to get to sit outside under the stars, but it's now beautifully overcast. Bummer. Ah well.....


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