Saturday, October 09, 2004

a day for wondering

So... no sleep in for the wicked.

I was out of bed around 6 to let Lilly in my window.... I think I slumbered for a little while after that, but pretty disturbed slumber, and was out of bed by 8. Guess I didn't really need the sleep.

Have had chaos with the computers today. Yes - no online activity from 10:30 this morning, which cause quite a stir. haha. Funny how reliant we've become on being able to just access the internet at any moment.

Spent many minutes on the phone with different people trying to figure out what the problems were. Most amusing that I had them as puzzled as I was. I love the fact that it wasn't an easy fix, and I didn't have to feel incapable! :o)
Yes, the little things do amuse me.

I had lunch with Ains up on the hill, which was delightful. Nice to catch up with her, enjoy the view and a big bowl of mocha!! Then we head off to pick up the last bit of material for my bridesmaid dress (Fiasco). YAY. May be finished by tomorrow?!

I went and watched "THE NOTEBOOK" with a girl who works with Jiljane - Jo, who I hardly seem to see these days. Really cool chickadee, that I have alot of time for. Was a great surprise having her call to see if we could get to the movies this evening. We'd emailed eachother about it for the next couple of weeks.
Anyway..... lovely movie. The book has to be one of my absolute favourites! And they did a pretty good job of pulling it into a movie. I cried, and got carried away with the characters. Was so sweet - had a lovely old lady sitting next to me after the movie who just laughed when I said I'd forgotten how much I cried when I read the book - and should have expected at least half of that at the movie. :o) We talked about some of Nicholas Sparks other books. She didn't know that A Walk To Remember had been made into a movie, so was off to get that one out on Video to her delight.
I think it would have been a movie that my grandparents would have gone to see..... they had that kind of relationship - like the characters in the book. It was beautiful to watch them grow together.... heartbreaking when Granny died - but just a testiment of their love.

Off to go do battle with the room, which is something I've been putting off beautifully all day. :o)

into the night....... breathe

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