Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Wishing that I had more..... but for the moment, am also just blown away by some things that have happened in the last couple of days.

I'm just about to fall into bed, but feeling bad for not getting thoughts out there more often.

My head has been swimming!

I got a phone call from my long lost flatmate Gordie tonight. Very, very cool to catch up with him - though brief, and I still don't totally know what's going on in his life. I'm glad I was near the phone when it went off. He's such a funny guy.... we used to yak into the wee hours when we lived together... probably a very good thing we don't still flat together. Bit hard now though, he's living in England. Was trying to convince him that it was really time he got back here. Partly because I'm ready to have my flatmate back, and partly because he's not sounding so kiwi any more! haha.
He's been talking about buying a house for a while back here... I'm supposed to be on constant look out for that perfect house. He actually loved the idea of the backpackers. How cool would that be. We'd be hillarious running something like that together. He just wants me to do it all while he's still living in England... and then he can swing in and enjoy the fruits of my labours. The things I do for love. :o)
I was hoping that he would be back in time to gate crash Jacx wedding so that I would have someone to dance with. He just laughed and said, no. He'll always have a special place in his heart for Jacx, and I think it would actually just be too hard for him to be there.

Went for an awesome walk late last night.... had cell and then went out for coffee with some girls, which was really fun. Mad, but fun.
While I was walking I was praying away about this year... where I was supposed to be focusing my energies. It was actually so refreshing to be getting everything out... talking away to God. I had LOTS to say. hehe.
Anyway.... I was really questioning what to do with my passions... what was I supposed to do? I get home for all of 5 mins, and get a txt.... I figured it had to be someone in England - most likely Nig at that hour, but it was Bex. I haven't heard from her in ages... and I was still waiting to hear if she was going to make it to Parachute in Jan. Did I need to get a ticket?
Turns out she is coming, and bringing with her Shawn McDonald. Super exciting stuff. Love him!! Anyway... she wanted to know if I wanted to organise a concert for him down here while they were over. WOHOOOOO!!
Talk about obvious pointing and such fast answer to prayer! hahaha
me with little faith!

So... have been buzzing away today, talking to a few different people... getting the emails out and about to just sound out the whole deal.

It's exciting though.

Meanwhile... Shane has been hillarious about the Canada deal.

I was thinking tonight - while out walking, how I had said originally that i wouldn't head overseas by myself next time. That I wanted my next adventure to be one that I shared with my husband.
I know that I wouldn't stick to that - but it did make me think about why I wasn't packing up everything to take off. Is there that part of me that is waiting....
Am i supposed to wait? I don't feel like I'm supposed to pack up yet.

Tomorrow... more flats.

now... sleeeeeeeeeppppppppppppppppppp.

nighty night

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