Monday, November 08, 2004


Sitting here... with a cool breeze floating through my window, which is just gorgeous.... yes... a zephyr..... the sweet spring perfumes just mellowing in the eve.

Bebo is singing sweetly.... I think this would have to be the most spiritual of his cd's. It's like he's reached a new depth. Or maybe I'm just listening in a new way - hearing new messages?
Anyway.... liking what I hear... and pondering the meanings.
There is truth in it.

Hmmmmmmmmm.... and the albums name "try" makes sense.

So... about to jump into bed....

after a rather long day. Would you believe I've been getting to work earlier. Crazy... I am working longer hours, and it's mostly by accident.

Perhaps it's me thinking that John is away again this week - I know I've got more to do, but it's all pretty much as under control as I can make it. But still... feel that responsibility to everyone.

Talked to Shane briefly.... when I called him at work today was told he was away for the day - sick. No txts from him... so rang him tonight to see what was up with him.
Turns out he lost his cell phone on Friday - followed by a terrible car accident on Saturday... where, amazingly he walked away fine... whip lash, but no broken bones. He just kept saying God was there! The guys couldn't figure it out..... the truck was wasted. he didn't even bang his head....
In some ways, I think it was wake up call - that he can't just keep plodding along at work. He needs to get out there, and do what he's passionate about... do what he is supposed to do!

He keeps hassling me about the Canada thing..... it doesn't look like the doors are opening up for him to move over there... at least, not yet. And he even says he's a little scared of flying choppers right now. I don't think that will last long..... he's just had a brush with life.

Anyway... I'm just thankful that everyone was ok! Was not what I expected to hear at all.... something along the lines of... yeah... was playing around outside with the boys, and got tackled... hurt my knee - or something. Bit scary, really.

Oh... planted some sunflower seeds tonight!! YAY!! I've been meaning to get some seeds for ages, and really need to get some other ones to go with these. Need colour, and life! And I haven't had any sunflowers in years!

Sunny side up.

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