Sunday, November 07, 2004


I can't quite figure out where the weekend went?

I can understand that it was pretty jam packed with goodies....

I had breakfast with my old flatmate; Jackie before we went dashing around the city looking at houses, which was total madness, but good fun! Of course.... reality was struck, and while neither of us was commited to finding somewhere - she really quite likes her abode, as do I... it was still interesting to get out there and see what was around.


At the same time.... I was looking at places for Gordie - who claims he is still interested in finding a house to buy over here... and I'm to keep my eyes open. So open they were! He was even liking the idea of the backpackers! WOW!
Ben just laughed.

Nothing out there in the city area that would have worked though.

Caught up with Candïce for lunch... well... chai latté .... she had just had a tooth pulled out, and was in the whole drooley state.... feeling very self-contious. She actually did really well. And it was a good catch up. Wandered around the mall - which is something I haven't done in a long time. Checked out a jacket that Andy was thinking about for the wedding - very cool, and very him!

Today after church they had their engagement party out at woodend - so zoomed out there after church, and then back home for Sharyn's Birthday Desert night.

WHEW..... I'm so glad it's a short week again!!! Though I know it's going to be pretty full on since John is away again this week!
Friday was super long too.....

Actually got up way early, went to work early.... and then ended up staying late! hahaha... made no sense!

Right.... gotta get some sleep... falling asleep here, and fully aware that I'm not making sense!

Nighty night, all.

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