Saturday, November 27, 2004

questions... or answers?

Just home from the wonderful Christmas shin-dig.
Yes... I went along to see what it would be like... to eat some yummy food, and just hang out with the fellow working buddies.
Most - very different mentality to living.....

Still, it was a good night out. I'm just shattered though. Realising how much I'm trying to fit into my days - and also that, while I was once able to survive and cope with the days on a mere 3 hours sleep a night.... it's just not going to work now. Is it an age thing? Am I simply too old to do all that I'm wanting to do? hahahaha!
Refuse to believe that!

Still - it's pushing me into over thinking the whole "Time Management" thing.......
and while I'm getting pretty darn good at squashing an enourmous amount in a small period of time, one would have to ask the question "IS IT REALLY WORTH IT?"

If I was to ask Shane that, he'd probably say yes. The short term will pay off long term.
He may be right.... but am I enjoying this?

In all honesty - it doesn't bother me too much. What is bothering me - sore eyes!
Tomorrow... time to invest in some wonderful eye drops, so that maybe I can pretend to look more awake? or maybe, at the least, my eyes would stop hurting so much?!

I think tonight may have been my first dinner all week? whew.

Moving right along..... wedding invitation arrived in the mail. I don't even know what number that is for this year? It's quite a simple. but gorgeous one too. My cousin, Catherine. Unfortunately - I had to pass on that one - and go to the one in Christchurch the same day. The plane flight was going to kill me, as was the mere timing of it all. As it is, we have stock take that weekend, which I'm out of doing - but still need to get all of our stock counted before John and I can run away.
Still.... I'm sure it will be a gorgeous wedding. The first one in the Woody family, and out on the farm no less. Should be absolutely gorgeous.
I'll just have to try and catch up with them while I'm up at the end of Jan?!

Actually.... no engagements in the last month. New record? Does this mean that the frantic rush is over for the moment? wooooooooooooooooooooooooo
or does it simply mean that the rest of us are meant to be old maids? ;)
I'm actually enjoying the "Single" Status, and freedom which comes with.
It's been over a year....... all is good!

Not saying that I wouldn't absolutely love for some guy to come and just fall over himself.... but only if it's the right one! and how exactly do we figure that one out?

Obviously time for me to sleep.

ka kite ano.

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