Thursday, November 25, 2004

a little on the crazy....

Yeah... running on who knows what right now.

It's been a mad day, and I'm feeling it now.

I woke up this morning with a horribly sore back and neck. Normally I'm fine living with a somewhat stuffed back, which kind of comes from falling off my horse in some really crazy ways during one ride way back when.
Today has been different though. It hurts to move my arm, and neck... driving was even interesting tonight.
Anyway.... aside from that - I've just been going like mad.

Finally finished for the day, and about to grab a quick shower before I crawl into bed. The weather is just as nuts as me. It feels like it's autumn/winter - not spring, and nowhere near the summer that was simering for a while there. A moment where I wish I had my electric blanket!! hahaha.
Anyway... hot shower will do the trick, I'm sure.

Right... what was I really wanting to say.

Yes - GOT A VENUE!!!

So.. having sorted that out - and finishing up the posters tonight with Rach... it's now officially ALL GO! and there is much to figure out in the next few weeks - and yet, have to get through the wedding first, really!

I still haven't got my parachute tickets either, or plane tickets. arhg.

BUT first..... I think I'd better go sleep....

night all.

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