Sunday, December 18, 2005


Things like this make me mad.... and sad!!

Lord's Prayer At School Angers Parents
A complaint has been lodged after an Auckland primary school included a reading of the Lord's Prayer at a weekly morning assembly.

The parents of a pupil at Victoria Avenue School in Remuera has complained to the Human Rights Tribunal, after going to an assembly in which several religious references were made.

Parent Dr Nicki Butt believes prayers are not appropriate at secular state schools.

She says she and her husband now need to prove that their daughter has been harmed and says the attitude of the school and the abuse she and her husband have received from other parents has caused part of the harm.

Can't get my head around it..... and now, how do they prove that it has harmed their daughter???? How can saying the lords prayer harm anyone? I have to listen to enough of the things that everyone else says that goes completely against what I believe... I don't go to the extreme to say that it harms me - while for those out there speaking death... it does!


that's it... just had to get it out now.


mreddie said...

Like my Friend said a long time ago, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do". They just don't realize that they are not only harming their daughter but tearing down their own society.

It is upsetting to me as well but I've read the back of the Book and the true believers are the winners! ec

Using up the words.... said...

Mr Eddie ~ Thanks for the reminder. I think it was things like this though that kept me out of the classroom as a teacher. Freedom of speach - just as long as you don't mention God.

Hope you are having a gorgeous weekend.

Morgan said...

SUCH a wonderful comment mreddie!! So true. Thank you for the reminder, as well! ;o)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Here in the USA it sometimes seems like a war of religious non-tolerance! This year we all have to say "holiday" instead of "Christmas" to be politically correct (not supposed to offend anyone). On the News this am, overnight some body smashed a ceramic statue "stable-scene" collection to smitherines in some one else's front yard. Ya can't have freedom of religion without letting any one practice what they believe.

I hope NZ isin't in for what's up here now any-time soon in your future.

Using up the words.... said...

Hey Snaggle ~ Alas... it is the same here! I've had friends struggle to be able to find Christmas cards which actually say "Merry Christmas" and not Happy Holidays. It's sick! How can "they" possibly use a holiday like Christmas like that? What are they actually celebrating as a holiday - if not the birth of Christ???
But I will remember what Mr Eddie said, and not get so worked up - instead pray for open hearts. I know God uses all things for His good. :)

Hope you are all good, and finding time for the creative juices.


Anonymous said...

Don't you think people are often intolerate about other people's intolerances. Look from the other person's point of view, understand why they do what they do before judging them. Isn't that a christian point of view?

If it was a satanic quote read out instead of a christian one, you would understand their problem.

I'm not saying that they needed to go to the extreme of taking it to tribunal, but understand that other people find different things offensive than you do.

Having said all that, I totally agree you all. Its not necessary to for them to go this far, but shouldn't we show them tolerance by understanding and supporting their silliness?