Sunday, December 04, 2005

Realised that I had missed a whole lot of the stories from my last trip North, which is crazy. It was such a crazy trip.....
BUT... to cause confusion, I'm going to go with this last weeks first.

Nothing too exciting happened the first couple of days.... I got to deliver the little men to everyone, which was kind of exciting. Not sure what people really thought - but that's ok.
Benny didn't make it down to Queenstown on Monday night, but I was pretty much expecting that. He flew out for Auckland tonight, and there was talk of a quick coffee, but he had a pile of stuff to get done, and I think he was kind of nervous about the driving around Auckland in a big bus, having no idea where to go - so I'll catch up with him one of these days I guess. I always joke with him when summer comes along - that I'll just catch up with him in the winter. That's just the way it goes, and it's better if we don't make plans, cause I can't help but get excited.

Anyway.... uneventful first few days.... gorgeous countryside, and wow... the lupins are absolutely everywhere. I drove past fields and fields of them, and they lined many of the roads. It was beauitful. :)

I hadn't booked anywhere to stay in Dunedin before I left. It's still one of those places where I have yet to find a "home" really. I haven't had an terrible experiences, but none of them have been great. I do like staying right downtown, being able to walk everywhere, but this time.... my timing wasn't great. It was graduation that weekend, and it would seem town was all booked up.
Last time I was down there I'd driven around, checking out the beaches and stumbled across some serviced apartments. I figured way out of my legue, and so far away that I'd forgotten all about them. Anyway... I gave them a call, and scored myself a room. I couldn't afford to stay in the rooms which were right on the beachfront - but figured I would survive - being happy with walking to the beach.
Got there.... and found the coolest place, really. Totally different from anywhere else I've stayed. I basically had my own living area, with dining table and chairs. The ceilings are about 14/16 foot studs, with awesome huge windows. The place is now called the mansion. Has a cosy kitchen with dishwasher in it, bathroom and bedroom, and from all the windows I looked out over one of the cool courtyards. It was very nice - and actually with the colours, it was exactly what I would do with a house of my own. Cosy and warm.

This was the view from my bedroom.

Doesn't really do it justice at all.

After getting everything into my room.... I wandered on down to the esplanade.... it was a pretty overcast evening - so no dramatic sunset for me... but I had my camera with me anyway. Got some shots of the brave surfers, and people walking down the beach. There is a heated salt water pool at the end, and they seemed to be having a bi-athalon, or some kind of race going on. There were people running past me, back to the pool....
I was standing there soaking up the salty smells and just enjoying being out of the car when I heard someone yell "Christy".
Not very often that I hear that one..... so I look around to see my cousin running along towards me. I'd sent her txts earlier that day to see if she'd have time to catch up. We were going to do dinner the next night, so this was a cool surprise run in. I was about to give her a hug, when she laughed and told me she had to finish the race... and I should meet her at the end. hehehe...
Was an awesome surprise to bump into her like that.
Had a quick catch up then.... and we decided that we'd have dinner at my place the next night.
The next day was pretty good. Had a great time catching up with my customers, but then I always do in Dunedin. Good thing I only really have to deal with a few people there, because my whole mornings are always spent at just one place. We always have so much to get through, and lots of laughs along the way.

That night was great. Since I started the job, and Nicola and I have had time to hang out, I guess we've gotten closer. Not guessing - we have! I guess I went overseas when she was still young, and got back and didn't spend any time with her before I moved down to Christchurch.... so missed out on alot. Thinking about it - we're actually quite similar... both love taking off and finding new adventures, meeting people and making the most of things.

The other night was the first time I'd talked to anyone about Grandad dying - which happened a month after I'd move to Kentucky - so I wasn't around for any of that. I'm sure that mum told me bits about the funeral.... but it was good to talk to Nicola about it. Almost 10 years later, and I get to hear the funny stories.
It was quite emotional for me to hear it all, but so good too.
The funeral was on my birthday, and I always think about him then... and just wonder.
It was all so sudden and to top it off.... he'd come to the airport to see me off, and had dissapeared just before my boarding call, and I never got to say goodbye. I have a picture of everyone there - minus him. That still makes me sad.

So... a good night talking about things that went on.

Right... way past bedtime here.



mreddie said...

The flowers in the pic are awesome. Enjoyed reading of your adventures and noted that you lived in Kentucky for a time.

Years ago (1963) I also lived and worked there for about 6 months. The city of my residence was Lexington and I stayed in a boarding house on Rodes Ave. This was near the campus of UK and many of the students lived all around.

All this was just before my favorite lady became my favorite wife. ec

Using up the words.... said...

Mr Ed ~ I lived just outside of Lexington. Was over there working on a horse farm on Russell Cave Road. Was there for 18 months, then out between Paris and Winchester for a year, though that was more of a nanny stint, and got quite messy. Rather sad days.
Loved Kentucky though... the humidity was insane, but loved the evenings... sitting outside watching the lightening bugs dance around. It was amazing. :) I had a few proposals - alas, none of them from my prince.
Still have several friends there, that I'm looking forward to catching up with sometime soon.

mreddie said...

I had gathered from a reference to horses and another to the bluegrass that it probably was in that area. And then when you said Kentucky, I almost knew it had to be Lexington, due to the many horse farms around there. Small world at times. ec

Snaggle Tooth said...

well, I got a sis who lives in a town called Dunedin, but it's in Florida!

Sorry to hear ya didn't get to say good-bye to your grand-dad. A shame it kinda puts a memorial shadow on the B-day. I'm sure he knew how much ya loved him, anyway.

Neo said...

UUTW -I'm sure he sees you now and is watching over you and protecting you. Sweet Dreams. :)


Using up the words.... said...

Mr Ed ~ Very small world. Sometimes a weeee bit scary. hehehe. You know the whole 6 degrees of seperation. I'm guessing it's more like 4 these days, and in New Zealand, could be down to 2 quite easily. :)

Snaggle ~ All in all, it was a blessing that he died when he did. My Grandmother had died 6 months eariler, and he missed her an awful lot. And he was leaving to go on a cruise around Alaska a couple of weeks later... so better that he got so sick, so quickly and not while he was traveling around. Funny that I should miss out on both of my grandfather's funerals though. I guess appropriate too though - I was much closer to my grandmothers, and don't think I would have gotten over that one so easily.

Neo ~ Yeah.... I know he's laughing at me while I amble along with my garden, and talk to my tomatos. He would be super proud... the chutney's I'll be making will be all because of the huge influence he had over me. :) I love the legacy that all my grandparents have left. Pretty awesome.

Using up the words.... said...

Snag~ I'm sure you're not a wombat driver! They are the ones who dirve too fast for the conditions, not allowing enough time to brake, and end up everywhere they shouldn't be when there is snow. :) I'd much rather people drove slowly, and thought about what they were doing.